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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 17.49hrs on Fri 29 Apr 16
CairnGorm Mountain Ltd wrote:
The Top Station and Funicular Railway will be closed for essential repairs and maintenance from Tuesday 3rd Monday 16th May. However, due to the recent snowfall, we will be making every effort to remain open for snowsports at the weekends during this time.

If we do remain open at the weekends from the 7th of May onwards (weather and building works permitting) we will be reducing the price of our 2 Day Ski Pass to just 20 for both adults and juniors. Those that decide to only hit the slopes for one day will still save some money and those that use both days will get a real bargain!

Although the Ptarmigan Restaurant will be closed from the 3rd-16th of May, day visitors will still be able to still enjoy a coffee and get a bite to eat in The Storehouse on Level 2 of the Day Lodge Building, and have a browse in our The Outfitters.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 17.21hrs on Sat 30 Apr 16
After visiting the physio yesterday I have another 8 weeks of rest to go before being allowed to ski on my left knee but no one said I could not ski on the other one, so up I went for a day of one legged skiing on the ciste and ptarmigan. No one was going to keep me away from the fresh snow and sunshine any longer grinning smiley

What a superb day on Cairngorm from the off. The car parks were filling fast by 10:00 and the lower ciste was in use from 11:00 but unfortunately the bus did not arrive until after lunch. I think everyone was caught by surprise on how many people came skiing today. As it goes if it snows in the central belt they will come! Many people were actually from further afield, south of the border. On saying that the queues were not too bad and good natured, the warm spring sunshine helped.

The snow was fresh and dry at the beginning of the day, by lunch time it was getting a bit soft at mid station and by afternoon it was decidedly wet there. At the top it remained cold and dry and an absolute pleasure to ski all day.

The off piste, I am told as my one legged skiing is not up to off piste...yet..., is excellent. The east ptarmigan and east lady were in constant use, even young families were heading out east of the ptarmigan and enjoying themselves. I stuck to the simple pisted areas. The were many tourers heading out today, many more than I have seen in the past, it is getting much more popular.

A significant number of people were skiing to the car park using various routes but the snow is thin and quite wet at the end of the day. I did not chance the one leg slide and took the train of shame.

Great day, great cover, crap one legged skier.

Will get some pictures up on face book later


The mountain at 09:45 this morning and it just got better.

The end of season, the sun brings out the loons. You would not catch a sensible winterhighlander doing this, would you, really would you?? winking smiley

The park and the east ptarmigan area, very well used today but not by me sad smiley

The ciste bowl, superb.

End of the day a bit wet at mid station but you can see the gun barrel is good all the way down, you can make it to the car park.

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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 17.28hrs on Sat 30 Apr 16
We went for a wee ski tour today, great cover on the mountain. Bit wet low down heading back to CP later on, but still combat-skiable.

Couple of in-bounds pics in attached files, rest on FB link.

Coronation wall was superb, as was the CAS for its full length.


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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 22.23hrs on Sat 30 Apr 16
went to cairngorm expecting huge queues, was pleasantly surprised, had a good day and although queues they were not ridiculous like previous ties i have visited.



Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 23.47hrs on Sat 30 Apr 16
Thanks for posting. Great video.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 09.29hrs on Sun 1 May 16
Fantastic conditions yesterday but glad I got one of the last spaces in the top car park. Still had to queue for 1.5 hrs to get hire equipment for the other half though, only two people on, a system in place which doesn't make any sense and no signage to explain how it works! Individuals doing their best though and a particular shout out to Matt for helping me with some last minute alterations for my splitboard's maiden voyage!


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 12.40hrs on Mon 2 May 16
Entertaining day Sunday, Kipped in van in CP, wind howling, not a good nights sleep!
Headed out at about 10AM, just the train on, sticky snow, but least wind and best snow in CAS. Getting there involved full tuck down the traverse from the summit, ducking a rope to avoid pole-ing. Lapped Cas and Lady AM, timing it just right for the next train up. No rest meant lunch at 12. Back out at 1PM, wind dropped, Cas, M1 and Ciste came on. Best runs still Cas/Ciste.

Good weekend out, and great to be skiing so much terrain in May!

Public report: []

More Pics: [] (scroll down for Sundays pics).



Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 20.18hrs on Mon 2 May 16
Up from about midday and great spring snow to enjoy smiling smiley By then it was only the funicular for uplift because of the wind, then the Cas came on and for the last 40 minutes it was joined by the M1 poma.

Had a run over by Fiacaill but getting down the traverse was quite difficult with the wind. However as you can see below many folk were cutting off the corner and heading down to the 105. Edit , you could see in the original upload but it's been narrowed so you can't !

The Lady was just too good to leave so I didn't venture onto the Cas but plenty were and enjoying it.

At the end we went part way up to the summit but it was pretty wild and the snow was crusty at that altitude so we came down Marquis Wells and enjoyed the untouched Ptarmigan traverse.

The lead in to the M1 poma from the Lady is thin but great cover elsewhere. The forecast is looking a bit warm and windy though, but they were saying they plan to open at the weekend..... All fingers crossed winking smiley

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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 17.37hrs on Sat 7 May 16
Visited the physio yesterday, "what ever you do, DO NOT GO SKIING" so up I went for the 2nd last day of up lift this season. :O

A very different day today than last Saturday, low cloud sitting on the summit and a chilly wind blowing. The numbers are unfortunately back to normal, deserted and no queuing.

There has been significant snow loss with this weeks high temperatures. The M1 and cas tow tracks now broken. The snow was good granular spring snow till around lunch time then got decidedly heavy. The cas and gun barrel are still skiable back to the mid station but the snow is heavy down there. With my knee issues I remained on the very nice snow in the ptarmigan area. The lady is now broken and requires a walk back to the mid station from just above the M1 under pass cross over.

The top bowls are still wide with excellent skiing. The park is officially closed but it is still usable are your own risk as there are no markers out.

Tomorrow is the last day for up lift, it is very worth while making the trip for the last blast. But take note the Ptarmigan restaurant is being refurbished and is out of action. There are sandwiches for sale at the top but if you want hot food you need to go down to the store house at the bottom.

Some people pictures for the regulars on face book later.


There was a shuttle bus in the ciste but not required today. 10:00, car park virtually empty.

Top bowls still wide with good spring snow.

Plenty of snow around the top station. unusual for this time of year. Often we have to walk over to the runs at this time,

The fence starting to show again at the ptarmigan traverse but still at least 1.5m deep. East ptarmigan off piste still skiable

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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 19.12hrs on Sun 8 May 16
Today was the last of the season and what a day to go out on. Last year it rained constantly, this year it was wall to wall sunshine, a bit breezy but very hot.

The snow was soft from the start and in the very hot temperatures got quite heavy. I can not remember there to be so much snow on the last day wide top bowls and easy to ski to mid station via the cas or 105. A number skied the west wall and walked out over the day lodge.

This was a good day to finish on, the skiing was great but the snow was disappearing before our eyes. I am sure there will be snow next week but today was very special indeed with such a good surface and holiday atmosphere. The place was empty and no queues until we all turned up at a lift!

There were over 250 pictures taken today and I had to only choose 5 to post here.
With my knee issues I spent a lot of time sitting at the top of the ptarmigan resting and taking pictures. If you were up today there is a chance I will have taken a snap of you and a number of staff too. I will post these on face book.

As I was unable to make my way to the cas and west wall Shona will be posting her pictures to face book.


Ptarmigan traverse

It got hot, really hot. Stroppy girl not so stroppy!

There was even off piste skiing available

Such wide cover and excellent skiing

The park was not being tended but saw a lot of action through out the day

Many more pictures on facebook later

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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 16.16hrs on Tue 10 May 16
This is actually Ann's picture on Saturday from face book. It just shows what some folks will do to ski. Heather can be just as fast to ski on than snow, just don't try to turn! I can criticize too much as I would have been with then if not broken.


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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 16.00hrs on Sun 29 May 16
Summer skiing season now well in swing. My knee is getting much better and it was worth a bit of discomfort to walk up the hill to the top patches. Beautiful day, warm and sunny with large summer cumulus cloud bobbing through.

Not as much snow has there has been over the last few years but still a reasonable amount of skiing to be had, especially in the Marquis Well and Ciste Mhearad area. Ciste Mhearad was by far the best giving a good long run down to just above the water fall. The Marquis Well area joined up to where the half pipe was going to be this year and then a short break down to the ptarmigan its self and the ptarmigan traverse.

It looks like the snow will be there into June but as I said there is nowhere as much as there has been over the last few years but we have been spoiled with the unusually excessive snow fall over these years.

Cheated and got the train back down at the end of the day, not worth pushing the knee too much.

I was skiing with Shona and Anita so there will be a few pictures going up on face book later for those interested in people pictures as well as touring snow conditions.



The cas, not much snow. Complete from the 105 cross over to just above the gun barrel. Did not ski here as was heading up to the top.

The traverse, mostly gone now but there is about 1/4 with cover, just above the 105 corner to the corner of the M1.

By far the best skiing, Ciste Mhearad, long wide and deep.

Coming down from the Marquis Well area into the upper ptarmigan.

The ptarmigan traverse. it stops halfway before the restaurant. (the new improved lilac restaurant, who would paint natural wood with lilac emulsion - Natural Retreats would eye popping smiley )

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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2016
Date Posted: 16.15hrs on Sun 19 Jun 16
Not quite the bash at Glencoe where they had 50 to 60 people for the mid summer slide, we had three! Shona, Les and myself. And not the BBQ as laid on at GC, we had freshly caught (by our neighbour)sea trout sandwiches which Shona made before we left.

It started as a sunny T-shirt day but slowly the mist descended and the temperature plummeted resulting in the back up cloths being pulled out of the rucksack.

The snow on the front of the mountain is sparse, a few patches around the old terrain park and a larger one up where they started to build the half pipe. The good snow is in Ciste Mhearad. It is in a strange pattern this year, piled up on skiers right, but it is still down to just above the water fall giving a good 450+ meters, if not a bit more, of skiing.

Very worth the walk up and young Timothy waving and peeping the horn of the choochoo as we set off as he took up the blue rinse brigade for their coffee and cakes.

More pictures on face book later.


Upper part of Ciste Mhearad

Just above the water fall, round the corner of the upper part of the run

Skinning back up

Marquis Wells just above the ptarmigan unload wheel

The larger of the ptarmigan patches

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