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Cairngorm Mountain - Skier Survey Online
Date Posted: 19.02hrs on Thu 30 Jun 16
I Haven't Skied at Cairngorm this year for obvious reasons, but here is their survey. It says:

'We understand that it is only by listening to our customers that we can identify and prioritize these areas for future seasons at CairnGorm Mountain.

This survey may take you up to 10-15 minutes to complete'

Who's gonna bet that they won't take much notice unless there are 2-3,000 complaints within the survey?

Link here:


PS: Before you ask.....
Yes, I live in Cumbria.
No, I am not Scottish,
No, I do not spend more than 6-14 days a year skiing in Scotland.
Yes, I want to see Scotland's ski resorts thrive
Yes, I do think NR is a crappy company that is out of it's depth and
ignorant as hell, or just pretending all is okay.


Re: Cairngorm Mountain - Skier Survey Online
Date Posted: 13.44hrs on Sat 2 Jul 16
Seems quite a thoughtfully written survey. Nothing particularly leading, they should get some good responses. Specifically mentions looking into increasing uplift and gives the opportunity to rank some obvious priorities.
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