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4th Mar 2020
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Cairngorm...planning permission?
Date Posted: 12.43hrs on Sun 10 Jul 16
Outrage over destruction on Cairngorm mountains


Be Nice to Skiers, they have it hard enough already

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Re: Cairngorm...planning permission?
Date Posted: 09.00hrs on Mon 11 Jul 16
Jim Cornfoot and others need to be given an education !

For starters, where large clumps of undergrowth were pulled out many metres from the area of consent by a 360 degree Excavator, operated by a "Professional"company, the resultant craters will not have regenerated by the time Cornfoot departs this Planet !

Secondly, the CNPA are not the good guys here. Two of their Planning Department guys, Ed Swales and Murray Ferguson, were contacted by myself with concerns early on and did nothing ! They were repeatedly contacted and did nothing ! Finally when the "work" was complete they investigated the site, so the "Professional" Contractor moved to another location and started Groundworks, again with NO PLANNING CONSENT !!

What can only be concluded from last years farce is that the Landowner...HIE, and the CNPA are in Collusion, especially highlighted by the inaction of the CNPA !!
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