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The Glencoe 6
Date Posted: 13.53hrs on Sun 21 Jan 18
Cockwombles. Who were the 6 or so drivers/fools that thought is was OK to park on the A82 yesterday almost opposite the junction to the glencoe ski area access road? You reduced the road to single lane and largely caused the huge hold ups. What utter, selfish, crass, stupidity. You made me embarrassed to be a skier.

Rant over.

Re: The Glencoe 6
Date Posted: 15.24hrs on Sun 21 Jan 18
This seems to be getting more and more common, along with arseholes parking in passing places.

Re: The Glencoe 6
Date Posted: 16.57hrs on Sun 21 Jan 18
The parking there was ridiculous but the police were present and let it happen which imo was a disgrace.

Why we're the police not able to see that it was dangerous?

Re: The Glencoe 6
Date Posted: 17.35hrs on Sun 21 Jan 18
The fat bearded cop who was being a knobjockey was towing some cars away later in the day, so they were getting the worst ones but probably just not enough time to get to them all, also as long as you were over the white line after digging yourself a space they were leaving you alone.

Re: The Glencoe 6
Date Posted: 01.15hrs on Mon 22 Jan 18
Cockwomble sounds like an insult with a big hug thrown in..

4 people could bounce a car out the way easy enough, 8 if they are fae the east coast with the exception of Newcastle down tae Hull as they'd need only 4 too. Below Hull it's 8, 2 softies would have tae be added every 20 miles south ya go for that wimp factor too..


Re: The Glencoe 6
Date Posted: 06.40hrs on Mon 22 Jan 18
The problem started on Saturday morning very early doors.

I arrive at the foot of the access road around 7:45am. At that point the car park was empty - but I still found myself in a queue which stretched back to maybe 200 yards back along the moor before the turn off for Glencoe.

The reason for the queue at that point was quite simply due to folk unable to get up the road.

Despite arriving at the ski centre at 7:45 am, it was 9:15 before I got in to the car park.

The whole thing just escalated from there really and the queues got worse and worse and didn't really die down till lunchtime I don't think.
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