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Where to head Tuesday?
Date Posted: 09.43hrs on Fri 16 Mar 18
I've got to be in Glasgow on Wednesday (coming from Leeds), so am considering driving up Mon night, ski Tues, back to Glasgow Tues night.

I'm looking at the BBC and Met Office websites and it looks like Glencoe/Nevis could be clouded over and windy(ish).

Whereas Glenshee or Aviemore look to have more chance of sunny spells and less wind.

I much prefer the type of skiing available at Glencoe or the Back Corries at Nevis but would prefer better vis for a one day only hit! I think if I skied Aviemore I'd be lapping No 1 & 2 Gully and the white lady. It's years since I've been to Glenshee though. Is Glas Maol area open (assuming the wind dies down)

So question is which area would people recommend I head to for "guaranteed" skiing on Tuesday? Any area likely to have fresh snow over another?

Long way to go if wind stops play.

Probably need to decide today/tomorrow to sort out travel etc.

Thanks in advance,



Re: Where to head Tuesday?
Date Posted: 11.27hrs on Fri 16 Mar 18
Great forecast. Glas Maol should be open. There should be fresh snow. Meall Odhar loaded with lots of off piste options. You haven't been there for years, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the improvements. Great big wont get bored.
Hope you have a great day wherever you end up.

Re: Where to head Tuesday?
Date Posted: 18.07hrs on Sun 18 Mar 18
cheers Dunc, Decision time, thinking it will be Glenshee.

From mwis

Northwesterly 15-20mph; perhaps at times less.

Sunshine; perhaps extensive over several hours. Visibility excellent or superb.

VS MWIS for North West Highlands

Northwesterly 15-25mph; strongest across Sutherland where towards dusk reaching 30mph.

Glimpses of sun; particularly in morning before cloud tends to increase from the northwest. Visibility excellent or superb away from snow showers.

Re: Where to head Tuesday?
Date Posted: 18.40hrs on Sun 18 Mar 18
Glenshee and in particular west facing slopes are loaded.

Opened MeallOdhar this afternoon......simply EPIC.

They were busy de-icing Corrie Fionn and pisting Caernlochan. Glas Maol will be next so next few days should be amazing.

If your wanting accommodation then Craiglea b&b in Braemar have offers on.
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