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35.6c at Loch Morlich??
Date Posted: 15.25hrs on Thu 28 Jun 18
That can't be right? That would be a Scottish Record temperature by quite some margin.


That's nearly 100F in old money. I'm not having it. Somebody has lit a BBQ near the temperature gauge.


Re: 35.6c at Loch Morlich??
Date Posted: 16.16hrs on Thu 28 Jun 18
Aviemore was reporting 29.7c at 4pm, and that's the highest it's been today. That's a huge anomaly at Loch Morlich, it's almost certainly an error.


Re: 35.6c at Loch Morlich??
Date Posted: 19.01hrs on Thu 28 Jun 18
Not so sure it is an error. Our weather station said 37oC mid afternoon and our car was measuring 33.5oC just before lunch and that was after it had been driven about for some time so not the artificial temp you sometimes get when it has been sitting in the sun.
To be recorded as fact though it has to be a calibrated and registered station, which ours is not. The official Granish station is about 500m from us and up the hill slightly, not sure what it was recording, we are usually a degree or so higher in summer (colder in winter) in our position, down in a hollow.



Re: 35.6c at Loch Morlich??
Date Posted: 20.04hrs on Thu 28 Jun 18
This should settle the argument - air temp max was at 14:20hrs and peaked at 30.6C

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Re: 35.6c at Loch Morlich??
Date Posted: 22.09hrs on Thu 28 Jun 18
The digital thermometer at Loch Morlich is screened, but will have been literally cooked from below by the heat from the sand and nearby wooden decking. It is a fairly reasonable reflection of the heat you would feel on the beach away from the waters edge, but is several degrees higher than a similar station situated on grass in the middle of the Glenmore Campsite would give.

At 10am this morning you could already feel the heat off the sand. To reach above 30°c screen temperature above vegetation at the base of Glencoe is exceptional as was the 31°c in Aviemore yesterday.

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