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Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 09.24hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
Oh no Windy. Really sorry you feel that you have to do this. I for one have really enjoyed your reports. They make me feel close to a mountain/ski area which is very important to me and my family, even if we are down in the English East Midlands. Frankly I have always been bemused by some of the trolling in WH. Jesus, guys, are we all not just into Scottish skiing? Alan, keep up the good work , too. And the rest of you ijeets, can you please just pipe down? If Winterhighland just becomes a place for point scoring crap, the whole site will be under threat, or maybe that is the idea.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 10.30hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
I too am sorry to hear that.

Everyone should be aware that the acts of a few are seeking to divide the majority. We need to resist this with the entire range of tools at our disposal. Sometimes we just need to ignore the agitators.

Can anyone give me an indication of how the manmade snow is holding up at Cairngorm?


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 10.39hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
In recent years a newcomer to Scottish skiing, and this forum, could have been forgiven for thinking that there are two Cairngorms: one in WindyWorld ("Crisis? What crisis?") where everything is wonderful, and the other - home to Scotland's most snow-reliable ski area - which seems to be drifting towards terminal decline.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 11.14hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
Hi, please can we keep this thread to talk about snow/skiing conditions at Cairngorm!

There is the thread: "CairnGorm Mtn (Non Conditions Discussion)" to discuss the "issues" at Cairngorm

I still haven't got up the hill this season yet :-( It is so warm in Inverness today (and the forecast is to stay warm), I really do worry for the snow pack. Anyone been up today or planned to go up this week?


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 11.52hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
This thread has turned into an embarrassment. I very rarely ski at Cairngorm but was there on Monday ski touring and the area is something that should be promoted as the terrain is tremendous

To be honest i couldn't care less about the non snow discussion about the area as i will almost never use the area for lift served skiing but do look on to see snow conditions and Windy's reports are good to know what is on offer. The fact that he now has stopped posting cos of all the off topic stuff added by trolls but also replied to by the moderator is a farce.

But if i was going to talk about the lack of touring ticket available this season i would do so in the correct thread

Surely its simple. Are you posting about snow conditions? if its a no do it in the other thread.

I understand people are passionate about this but they are losing sight of what this place is about and need to take a step back and use it properly


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 12.19hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
Could not agree more with 1873Chris. So sorry that WM has decided to give up on his reports but I understand his frustration. I had a taste of it myself last week.
Despite best efforts the thread is repeatedly hijacked by Doomsayers. I estimate that in excess of 20% of the comments to this thread have no business being there. Alan himself is guilty of this, including some of his recent posts, for which he tentatively apologised but continued nonetheless.
The silent majority who use this thread appropriately, but like me rarely contribute, will miss the most positive and accurate conditions report to be had. I hold out no great hope that WM might change his mind. I calmed down myself with his exhortations to develop a thick skin.
Perhaps those who value his contributions might show their appreciation by posting here and overwhelm the negativity of the Doomsayers. I hate that bullies might win but they will have achieved their aim if the rest of us give up.
Will be interesting to see how the number of hits to WH declines when there is nothing positive to read.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 17.03hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
I agree it would be a shame to not see Windy Millers posts here, and I apologise if my query to split brought it all on. Could the mods move the non-conditions posts to the non conditions thread?


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 19.43hrs on Wed 13 Feb 19
This thread was probably one of the best on here for the pics and fairly in depth reports, then there was the queries getting a well answered.. Hope he comes back for that and it's the first time in years I've had any proper interest in the place for a number of reasons...

Be good for someone up there tae start reporting conditions and answering questions on behalf of the resort in here too. I know they'll be looking and probably wishing they could say something half the time but will be scared of running round in circles among other things...

Cannae change the past so no point in dwelling there fighting ghosts..


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 21.03hrs on Thu 14 Feb 19
I was at Cairngorm today for the morning.The wall to wall sunshine that was forecast earlier in the week failed to appear.
It was a little overcast and very mild.
Sadly the snow really has had a chase.The Car Park tow uptrack was broken and the tow only went up about 3 pylons.
The Sunkid tow was working but you had to walk about 100 metres to get to it.
From the top of the Sunkid tow you could ski back down to the carpark.
There was no uplift working above the Sunkid tow although I could see the piste bashers were shifting snow about at the top.
I couldn't see if the M1 poma track was broken or not.
It was a shame to see all that machine made snow melting and disappearing down the burn.
If possible please remove the non conditions posts to somewhere else as this thread encourages me to get my skis on more than owning a season pass does.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 13.59hrs on Fri 15 Feb 19
I am saddened that Windymiller has decided to pull out, but I totally understand his frustrations.

In past years, I have always read his reports (and Hillys before him), to decide whether I am going to make the hour's journey to the hill. I have always managed to double the skier days required to make my Season Pass worthwhile, and this is mainly due to his reports

I too feel passionate about what is going on in Cairngorm, but the past is the past, so please keep all other topics on the other sites specific to this.

All I want to know is the conditions of the hill.

Thank you.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 20.21hrs on Fri 15 Feb 19
Shoogle and SWIMMER sum up what many of us must be thinking. Windy Miller, your reports have been truly appreciated and are what this thread should be about.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 10.42hrs on Sat 16 Feb 19
Aye said well chaps, bloody great shame on all who provoked his actions.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 14.42hrs on Sun 10 Mar 19
Just seen this as been busy with other stuff.....

I thought that the title of this thread was "CairnGorm Snow 2019"..& is just a repository of the actual snow conditions on CG as per the past god know how many years....

There are other existing threads for "having a go" at CGM etc...this is just about the actual snow WTF & why the F are people derailing the thread??

Edited 1 times. Last edit at 14.43hrs Sun 10 Mar 19 by SnowmanDave.


Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 15.06hrs on Sun 10 Mar 19
To-days report



Re: CairnGorm Mountain Snow 2019
Date Posted: 18.11hrs on Sun 10 Mar 19
WindyMiller Wrote:
To-days report

Pleased to see that you are back posting on Winterhighland again Graeme, despite announcing on the last page that you wouldn’t be any longer. What brought about your change of heart?

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