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16th Apr 2021
Re: Glenshee Ticketing
Date Posted: 20.26hrs on Mon 23 Nov 20
alan Wrote:
So Jabuzzard, if low frequency short range RFID with gates such as the skidata system is so fantastic, why do you think Vail Resorts who could certainly afford to physically gate lifts uses long range UHF RFID with gateless gantries and roving human ticket checkers?

Same reason that the USA still does not have chip and pin on their credit cards. They are extremely backwards and suffer from a huge amount of not invented here syndrome. There is no valid technical reason for not using RFID passes in Scotland. There might be economic ones and that is it period. Everything else is complete nonsense, from largely the same bunch that says it all needs to be drag lifts for "special" Scottish reasons etc.

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14th Apr 2021
Re: Glenshee Ticketing
Date Posted: 14.09hrs on Wed 25 Nov 20
There seem to be 3 new snowguns next to Claybokie, are these new? I thought the shee only had older style green covered snowguns.

Also some digging work on the plastic slope/dinkdink to be seen, maybe some pipework for the snow factory?

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31st Jan 2021
Re: Glenshee Ticketing
Date Posted: 15.04hrs on Thu 26 Nov 20
They've got a mix of stuff including 4 x TF10s and a T40.

Three of the 10s are new for this season I believe.

They still have around 4/5 manual green guns (Sufag?) which seem to provide reasonable coverage in proper cold temps. The sit on sleds so should be easy to position as required.

Snowfactory was tested recently so fingers crossed the new webcam shows some white over the next couple of weeks in prep for opening on 19th...

Being outside of HIE they really have it tough. They deserve a good winter to repay their recent investments. Fingers firmly crossed.
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