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9th Apr 2021
Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 19.01hrs on Wed 19 Aug 20
Lots of people I work with down here in the English Midlands know of my preference for Scottish skiing. From random conversations itís clear that they are now wondering where theyíre going to get their ski fix next winter.The Alps? Will the resorts be open and will we get quarantined? Seems like quite a few are thinking about a trip north to Scotland instead. Strange how this bloody virus could bring a benefit to Scottish skiing. Letís hope the snow gods oblige.


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6th Apr 2021
Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 10.18hrs on Fri 21 Aug 20
I think your right. Providing the snow falls and stays put, the virus could be a blessing in disguise for all Scottish resorts.

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31st Jan 2021
Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 15.28hrs on Sat 22 Aug 20
If they get to open...

Knockhill, who have 200plus acres, have just been told they can only have 200 spectators at the touring car meeting...

Incredible lack of logic running both UK and Scotland right now.

Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 10.13hrs on Sun 23 Aug 20
Indeed, you will see excellent snow but capacity will we limited with the second authem/winter wave. Murphy's law.

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13th Apr 2021
Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 13.22hrs on Fri 28 Aug 20
hard enough getting people to queue properly under normal circumstances! the centres could use the money for sure, and if it introduces a few more folks to the joys of fogbound rockhopping then that's a good thing i guess.

but if it ends up like half term weekend all the time i might just have to buy that splitboard after all....

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28th Feb 2021
Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 08.48hrs on Thu 24 Sep 20
The biggest problem with going abroad as far as I make out is the insurance. In particular coming down with the virus or for that matter any flue virus (because anyone thinking you will be allowed to fly with a cough is self delusional). You simply can't get cover for that. As such you are gambling with the cost of your holiday.

The return you just have to plan on self isolating for 14 days when you get back. If you can work from home (I am working on the assumption that I will still be on enforced WFH till Easter at the earliest more likely the summer). If that's not an option for you then don't go would be my advice.

I figure I just cross my fingers, hope for good snow in Scotland. I am fortunate to be able to generally take a days holiday with 24 hours notice. If the centres are mobbed I guess I will have to get my skins out.
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Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 20.44hrs on Mon 5 Oct 20
Skiing is probably the easiest activity to social distance available. Face and eyes covered, skis on your feet to keep two metres away.

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11th Feb 2021
Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 10.07hrs on Wed 21 Oct 20
It's as if the travel industry are reading this forum!

In the weeks since your post Jabuzzard the big players in the package industry have begun offerring deals with "COVID cover". Crystal in particular are offerring a package that appears to cover most bases in terms of a peri-trip diagnosis of COVID and the need for cancellation or hospital care, changes to "travel corridor" status of the destination and changes to local travel restrictions. Presumably the travel insurance policy providers will follow suit to allow cover for self-constructed trips.

My one concern lies in the methods used in the initial stages of the outbreak in parts of Europe whereby tourists were quarantined in their hotels with armed police outside following the diagnosis of even a single case of COVID in the establishment. One hopes that something this extreme will no longer happen but it does seems likely that at least some snow sports tourists will end up stuck in small hotel rooms in resorts for significantly longer than planned due either to themselves or a "contact" testing positive.

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Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 11.52hrs on Sat 31 Oct 20
Murpheys law says it's gonna be mega snow falls..

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Re: Bumper winter?
Date Posted: 13.05hrs on Sat 31 Oct 20
history will tell you its very unreliable to predict the Scottish winter! Sods law says it will probably be a good one but covid will have other ideas!
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