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12th Sep 2020
Snow Factor
Date Posted: 06.47hrs on Fri 11 Sep 20
Snow Factor at Braehead has announced that it's reopening on the 1st of October. No doubt there will be changes to make things safer but if this can re-open successfully then it bodes well for the outdoor centres being able to open this coming winter.

One question which did cross my mind; Has the whole place remained frozen since they closed on the 20th of March or would they have defrosted the slope to save on 6 months of electricity bills?

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3rd Mar 2021
Re: Snow Factor
Date Posted: 08.15hrs on Fri 11 Sep 20
As a reference Snowworld Landgraaf and Snowworld Zoetermeer used the down time to relay the snow field. Wouldn't be surprised if other indoor places did the same.

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14th Dec 2020
Re: Snow Factor
Date Posted: 12.24hrs on Wed 4 Nov 20
I hope they defrosted it. The "snow" in there was disgusting. It was like grey mash potato.

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28th Feb 2021
Re: Snow Factor
Date Posted: 19.22hrs on Fri 6 Nov 20
I went last week with my son and it wasn't the old snow any more - it was white and fast! No idea if it is a thick layer on top of older solid ice, but it didn't seem that way though lumps of clear ice were evident to the left of the left-hand tow.

The folk in BarVaria said you could tuck from the top of the main slop and get to the top of the beginners slope. Sadly they also said they wouldn't remove the barriers so I could try... I did however believe it would be possible.

The place was pretty quiet early Sunday afternoon with maybe 12 others across the two hours we were there, well worth the trip though two hours is enough without some gates or something else to get some variation. There were a couple of rails and wee jumps around at the top on skier's right however I value my ski bases too much for the rails.
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