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season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 08.19hrs on Sat 3 Oct 20
Hi all,

Long time reader first time poster here.

Love the forum, especially this time of year to see summer improvements and general feel for the season ahead.

I've had an all areas season pass for the last 6 years or so. The all areas pass made sense as I'm from the central belt so it gave me the choice of where to go depending on snow cover and weather forecast.

Obviously last season was quite disappointing to miss out on one of the best spring seasons for a few years, but couldn't be helped.

I've seen the sll areas pass is on sale now. . Unlike a any other year, the choice between day tripping and season pass holding is much more difficult this time round.

I know the season pass money is put to good use to develop the industry and help promote scottish snow sports, so I would like to continue to support that, but given where we are just now, the pass would be a complete gamble, with the worst case scenario of have the season shut down without s good days snow sports had.

I had hoped that since we missed out on half of last season, and the uncertainty of this season there would have been some adjustment or clauses to reflect this, especially for last years pass holders.

It might make more sense to buy a coe pass and support them, and it wouldn't be such high stakes to be gambling with.

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 11.34hrs on Mon 2 Nov 20
The Glencoe and Glenshee season passes remain at early bird prices until 30th November.

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 19.59hrs on Mon 2 Nov 20
I understand that the money raised from the all area pass goes to the Ski Scotland marketing budget, rather than to the individual ski centres, however the proce is eye watering.. £550 vs £290 for an early bird Coe season ticket...given that the standard season ticket gives 30% discount off day tickets at the other areas (ex CML..), that is a huge number of days away from my 'home' centre to make it worthwhile.
I really think the Scottish centres are missing a trick here. I always worry about buying a season ticket (will there be snow at the times I can ski etc), however I am sure that a reasonably priced all area pass would sell by the thousand as it almost de-risks my 'investment'.
All it would need would be a bit of open minded thinking by the centres and (Jabuzard will like this!), an investment in RFID pass systems so they could easily calculate where each pass was used, and therefore distribute the money from the pass sales appropriately.
Everyone wins??

Look at the Epic pass in North America - it has changed the way a lot of people view skiing, and it locks people into their resorts. A reasonably priced all area Scotland pass would surely sell in a prety high volume, and if I had one, I would ski more often and therefore buy more pies in the cafes?

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 23.47hrs on Fri 6 Nov 20
If I was gonna gamble I'd wanna be sure the horse was gonna be there tae finish the race.

Excluding cairngorm as they'll win the covid prize money no matter wit, there is only one clear fave in the covid hurdles stakes out the other 4...

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 18.06hrs on Thu 12 Nov 20
Nevis range news sad smiley

Like many other Lochaber businesses we have been reflecting on the current situation with COVID-19 and unfortunately we have reached the very difficult conclusion to suspend the sale of Season Tickets for Snowsports and temporarily close the business.

With all of the travel restrictions and uncertainty surrounding winter operations we are not 100% confident that we can deliver a full season for you.
Anyone who has bought a season ticket can have a full refund and we will carry over loyalty discounts for all season ticket holders to the 21/22 season.

If we are able to fully open with a significant part of the season left then we will put season tickets on sale and offer reduced day pass tickets for anyone who held a season ticket for the 19/20 season.

We canít wait to be back open and as soon as we have great conditions and less travel restrictions, we will be back out on the hill with you all!

Because of the incredible challenges we have faced this year (our trading loss due to COVID-19 was £1m) we are concerned that while there are restrictions in place, we simply would not be able to trade in December and January without losing significant amounts of money, which would put jobs at risk.

It's not all doom and gloom, over the last few years the season has been starting in earnest towards the end of January and we look forward to having an amazing season as soon as the conditions allow. The addition of our snow-making plant will make a huge difference to the new beginners area and we canít wait to welcome you back to a snowy Nevis Range!

In early summer we hope to have our new Blue Bike Track open, from the Top Station, which promises to be one of the most exciting additions to Nevis Range in recent times.

Thank you for all of your support during this really challenging year and weíll see you on the hill soon!

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 00.02hrs on Fri 13 Nov 20
Nevis retired before the race kicked aff, wise move for many reasons including protecting their image amongst non skiiing folk in the region ?


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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 20.43hrs on Sat 21 Nov 20
Is Peter Stockton on here? Sure we've spoken before? I had been a season ticket holder at Yad moss for a few seasons and was hoping to speak to him.

Wonder what the uptake has been for season tickets South of the border given the fish womans move to ban the English from entering Scotland


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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 16.53hrs on Sun 22 Nov 20
Fish woman's ok but Ridiculuos blonde oaf is censored. Ok then

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 16.54hrs on Sun 22 Nov 20
For context I was pointing out Thatits not Nicola Sturgeon who put England into lockdown

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Re: season pass 2020/2021
Date Posted: 13.48hrs on Mon 23 Nov 20
As far as I am aware there has been no significant difference in demand for season tickets this year. Weardale and Raise have announced that they are suspending the reciprocal day ticket arrangements between the clubs but other than that and the various COVID arrangements, I donít think too much will be different.

As always we still need the snow to fall.
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