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Charlie Leppard

Nevis Snowmaking?
Date Posted: 19.18hrs on Tue 11 Jan 22
Has anyone got any insight on this. I recall that the new plant was touted as being able to produce 155 tons of flake ice per 24 hour period. At he density of flake ice this should be around 310m3. I was there this weekend and the volume being produced didn't seem to be anywhere near that amount. I suspect it was less that 30m3 per 24 hours, which is a very significant shortfall.

I would have thought that they would have the production dialled in by now and would know how to get the best out of the plant to maximise production. If they have, and this is is running at 100%, then they have been sold an absolute pup.

Alternatively they could be short of water, or saving on power costs.

I had anticipated that Linnhe and the sledging area would be flooded with manmade snow by now, even taking melting into account.

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Re: Nevis Snowmaking?
Date Posted: 19.59hrs on Thu 13 Jan 22
We understand that the plants current capacity is broadly similar to the small TechoAlpin Snowfactory, but is somewhat more temperature sensitive. Nevis has been constrained by the inability to get a prebuilt plant to the site, so there was no go to off the shelf option.

However, the TechnoAlpin snowfactories have not been without their own dramas, there were a variety of issues that left the CairnGorm one mostly idle in its first season and the Glencoe one is having a stroppy month!

Glenshee seem to have this dialled in the best at the moment. Having seen the scenarios elsewhere they went for the 2 story unit from the outset and crucially have an area of exceptionally sheltered terrain (by Scottish mountain standards) where to make use of itís output. In terms of suitability the wee gully the Plastic Slope Poma sits in and the Dink Dink beginner area is pretty much ideal.

Just because of a more Easterly location despite similar elevation, the Glenshee snow factory area is also less likely to be in cloud nor experience as high winds or rainfall intensity as the Western areas or CairnGorm.
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