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Mark McMillan

Maybe there is a god after all...
Date Posted: 23.08hrs on Fri 3 Jan 03

Perhaps my prayers have been answered this time, snow has finally arrived since October. From looking at

[] the conditions at The Lecht and Glenshee

look good, especially the Lecht but is it worth going up to Lecht or Glenshee?? Im from Edinburgh and just recently took up snowboarding last year. I instantly fell in love with the sport and have been to the Lecht, Cairngorm and Nevis Range, They are all great but I think Nevis range was the best. Anyway is it worth going up cos Im not too sure if there is that much snow at both resorts. How i wish both resorts had webcams! So on your experience can any of you give me some advice on whether I should go or not?

This is a great site and it will be helpful to young skiers or boarders like myself!!
Christopher Paton

Re: Maybe there is a god after all...
Date Posted: 10.23hrs on Sat 4 Jan 03
Hi Mark,

I took up skiing around 7 years ago at Hillend (Midlothian) ski Centre with my school. I first got onto snow around 4 years ago and just like you I fell in love!

Also like you I live in Edinburgh, and so my Dad and I have skiied exclusively at Glenshee as it's closest. Firstly there is far far more terreign than the Lecht and it's mostly intermediate (blue/red) which suits me (with plenty of green too). Anyway Glenshee has 23 lifts over 3 valleys and when there is enough cover to get to Glas Maol it's magic!

However only Claybokie is open at the moment. And while I'm desperate to ski I'm not going to be driving 2 hours to get there. The tow is a short beginner one and you need to walk to access it at the moment.

I've never been to the Lecht so I don't know how to interpret their snow report in real terms.

Anyway, while you might not want to head to Glenshee now, make sure you do when conver improves. Well worth it and it's closest!

Christopher Paton

Re: Maybe there is a god after all...
Date Posted: 15.36hrs on Sat 4 Jan 03
When Glenshee has a good cover then, it is amazing if you can get over to the back corries. A lot of the other runs are ace too.

Glen Coe has good terrain but limited lifts. The view is stunning there and as long as its not icy the skiing/boarding is excelent. Lovely long blues and some very steep slopes. The natural terrain adds a lot of interest to the skiing/boarding allowing loads of tricks and jumps. Glenshee's slopes can be bowing and smooth which is great for learning or racing down, there are however some nice surprises if you know where to look.
Mark McMillan

Re: Maybe there is a god after all...
Date Posted: 22.06hrs on Sat 4 Jan 03
Thanks for the info, now I'll plan a visit to Glenshee soon!!

Perhaps even next weekend, lets hope there'll be even more snow by then.

Re: Maybe there is a god after all...
Date Posted: 11.40hrs on Sun 5 Jan 03
Hi Mark . I think the Lecht is offering the best sport. It got yet more snow last night and by the looks of it will have most of its runs in operation soon.
I also think the Lecht has some of the best faciliities for snowboraders. It has a nice new chair with a rail park underneath so you can watch young hopefuls go for it on those rails
There are also no rocks to worry about so you could probabaly ride off piste a bit.
Ruth Mottram

Re: Maybe there is a god after all...
Date Posted: 17.47hrs on Thu 9 Jan 03
The Lecht is definitely underrated so if you're desperate to go ski-ing it's worth a trip. Of course, you could always try a bit of touring if you really need your fix! Over the years I've found telemarking a good option because you can easily escape the crowds when there's snow everywhere and when cover is limited just go to wher ethe snow is.
The Braemar festival on the the 7th-9th March is a good place to start if you're interested...
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