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Christopher Paton

More open lifts?
Date Posted: 15.16hrs on Thu 9 Jan 03
Hi all,

I've not been skiing for too long so aplogies if this is a silly question, I was just wondering why so few lifts at Glenshee (and Cairngorm) are open just now.

Glenshee has a few low level beginner tows going, but none of the higher tows which presumably offer more snow. Looking at the Cairngorm webcam it seems like there's quite a bit of snow up in the Highlands right down to base station level and the Lecht has around 50%+ tows open despite it's lower altitude.

So why do Glenshee have only 3 lifts going? And likewise why don't Cairngorm have more as well?

Many thanks,
Christopher Paton
Christopher Paton

Re: More open lifts?
Date Posted: 20.57hrs on Thu 9 Jan 03
Further to my last post the Glenshee report now says 'Depth on snow cover is 18 inches approx.' !!! That's a whole 45cm. Which is defenitely not bad!

Even if this is and it is 18cm (instead of inches) of consolidated snow, this is still not bad surely?

Could there be more action this weekend before the dreaded thaw?


Re: More open lifts?
Date Posted: 00.12hrs on Fri 10 Jan 03
Yeah it's 18inches, but it's 18inches that came out of the snow cannons!

Re: More open lifts?
Date Posted: 13.31hrs on Fri 10 Jan 03
but the website says 45 cms upper runs and clairbokie is not an upper run?? so surley there must be some snow up top on glenshee. as they were planning to open it friday the 3rd when i phoned up at about 7am. then they changed the message at 9am saying they were no longer opening!

Re: More open lifts?
Date Posted: 22.03hrs on Sat 11 Jan 03
I was on a short ski tour around Glas Maol today and there is definitely a severe shortage of snow on all the upper runs; some of the drifts may be 18" deep but that's about it!
On the Cairnwell side there is virtually no snow at all apart from the man-made stuff.
I find that the ski resorts tend to be a bit optimistic in their assessment of snow conditions.
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