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a parent

Re: Ski Helmets
Date Posted: 18.37hrs on Wed 1 Apr 09
I am a parent of two snowboarding preteen children and I find Alan's attitude on this subject a little disturbing. Certainly it is irresponsible for a snowsports website to be railing against helmet use and it is an embarrassment to Winterhighland that this website is not at the forefront or promoting helmet use. Winterhighland and by extension the webmaster should be out there setting an example. Rant over.

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Re: Ski Helmets
Date Posted: 18.44hrs on Wed 1 Apr 09

deary me, to both sides of the debate - can we not leave the helmet chat for snowheads??!

If ya wanna wear a helmet - wear a helmet, if ya dont wanna wear a helmet - dont wear a helmet.
I wear a helmet most of the time, but not always. I dont accept advice on the subject. Any future fruit of my loins shall wear helmets (even on those days that I'm setting a bad example by not wearing a helmet!), again no advice will be accepted grinning smiley

the suggestion that the webmaster can influence WH'ers wearing helemts or not is a bit ambitious (no offence Alan winking smiley)


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Re: Ski Helmets
Date Posted: 18.59hrs on Wed 1 Apr 09
I agree Barry, it's as boring an argument now as it always has been and because winterhighland isn't a tax payers public service, it shouldn't have to broadcast Nanny State messages. Therefore Alan should be free to express whatever opinion he likes but if I disagree with his crap logic, there's no harm in me satisfying my urge to let him know. tongue sticking out smiley

Re: Ski Helmets
Date Posted: 19.08hrs on Wed 1 Apr 09
I always wear a helmet on a bike or on skis. I will not insist that my kids wear a helmet without wearing one myself.

Despite this I hate the idea of compunction. Let people make up their own minds what to do for themselves and their families. However we cannot complain loudly for freedom then complain when they our choices have adverse consequences.

The trouble comes when relatives are coming to terms with the aftermath of an accident and start to blame the authorities for not making the “missing” safety equipment compulsory.

Even worse - the situation where insurance companies refuse to pay out because the injured party didn't wear the 'correct safety equipment'. It is a small step from guides and avalanche transceivers for off piste to helmets too. It may not be long before insurance companies make a law unnecessary.

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Re: Ski Helmets
Date Posted: 12.43hrs on Fri 11 Dec 15
here is a well discussed topic too

Be Nice to Skiers, they have it hard enough already
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