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Re: A9 Closure endangering life?
Date Posted: 10.21hrs on Fri 24 Dec 10
DonaldM Wrote:
This is just a general thought but I find the notion of discussing this road closure and linking that with further loss of life on the same day as a guy has lost his life fairly distasteful.

No I don't think closing the road endangers lives and the accident should be investigated properly.

completely agree with you on this one! amazing what some folk will moan about on here

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Re: A9 Closure endangering life?
Date Posted: 11.42hrs on Fri 24 Dec 10
Given the potential consequences of something going wrong on the Diversion, given lots of HGV's were apparently ignoring the not suitable for large vehicles warning, and that the diversions were lifted before the A9 Opened because of an incident involving an HGV on one of them suggests the Police became worried about the potential too and therefore the original question seems valid enough to me.

There would be no-one's interest served by having ended up with the collision investigators having to go from one tragic smash to another bad one?

Every action has consequences both intended ones and many more unintended ones - I do not see how it is distasteful to ask the question whether ever lengthening road closures for more detailed and forensic collision investigations could in itself lead to road safety issues?

Re: A9 Closure endangering life?
Date Posted: 17.54hrs on Fri 24 Dec 10
Unfortunately, the extended police incvestigation will have no benefit to road safety whatsoever. It is (by political direction) solely an investigation as to whether to allocate blame, and if so, determine whether a sound prosecution case can be developed (note that Colin the Cop says that they are supposed to call them collisions, not accidents, which shows the mindset that they are required to adopt).

If a prosecution case can not be developed, there is no further investigation into cause, and there is no collation of any meaningful road safety stats (ie so that trends in accident causation can be properly recorded and acted upon). The police's accident stats are not linked to the DoT or anybody else with an interest in road safety.

In the UK, there is no systematic process of road accident investigation to establish root causes, and make recommendations (or institute legislation) to address root causes (unlike road or air).

I'm not suggesting that the Police should not seek to prosecute somebody who drives recklessly, and causes major disruption or fatalities, but please don't confuse this with advancing road safety. Perhaps if we had more traffic cops out there, exercising discretion and prioritising stopping idiots before they cause accidents, rather than more cameras resulting in pointless prosecution when nobody is at risk, there would be fewer accidents. Prevention rather than cure !

Re: A9 Closure endangering life?
Date Posted: 13.09hrs on Sat 25 Dec 10
I have to say that I think this debate is pretty disrespectful, tasteless and very ungracious. One person is dead and another guy lost his leg according to reports and in less than 24 hours after the accident we have a detailed discussion on whether the road should have been closed or not and whole load of speculation.

I hope relatives aren't reading some of the broadcasts above as it would come across fairly insensitive.

Some of you should learn some tact and when not to allow the rest into your vault of expertise. Poor show all round. The debate can happen in January some time.
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