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getting into skiing from boarding
Date Posted: 19.01hrs on Sun 2 Jan 11
right, i'm a boarder, but something in my head says i want to try skiing. i dunno hats brought this on, maybe its the constant sitting down/strapping in/ un strapping/ un comfy drag lifts etc.....

so can someone reccommend me some ski's and boots that wont break the bank. i'd be wanting a ski that wontneed to be replaced very quickly and would suit for general charging about in resort.

has anyone else ever felt the urge to cross over like this? also i'm pretty confident boarder, can hit small jumps and get down most runs, how long am i likely to take to get up to parrallel turns and generally skiing well around the hills? would it be worth taking some lessons?

Re: getting into skiing from boarding
Date Posted: 20.19hrs on Sun 2 Jan 11
Not up to date with gear to make any recommendations apart from start off with decent boots that fit and are comfy. Definitely go for lessons to learn the basic technique, sounds that you would be fit enough to pick it up quickly.

Good luck - also dont forget that you will not need a leash.
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