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Home Movies...?
Date Posted: 21.11hrs on Sun 27 Mar 11
Not those sort....

But what do you think makes a good ski/snowboarding video...?

Do you always watch them to the end, or do you get bored and switch off after a bit...?

If so, what keeps your interest etc etc...?

Re: Home Movies...?
Date Posted: 12.07hrs on Mon 28 Mar 11

Aye, id be interested in the responses to this too - make my boring videos interesting!!

From my vimeo stats, for every 100 'loads' 75% of visitors actually hit 'play' while only 25% watch em till the end (or get bored and load something more interesting into another tab!!).

I think its tricks that make things interesting (which I am pish at! - can do the post trick crashes well though!), and different camera angles. I've seen some nice footage where the camera is mounted on a ski pole thats stuck in a rucksack so that the cam points downwards, and also some good footage where the cam is fixed to the front of a board/ski pointing at the rider.

Pointing the camera backwards, and having a nice young lady follow you down the hill will also likely keep the majority watching until the end(!)

I bought a ski-mount, but it shakes around too much. Would probably work better fixed to a board.

Decent music helps, but royalty issues are a problem here, and most decent music is not royalty-free, and as such, vimeo/youtube will just take your video down if copyrighted track is detected.


Re: Home Movies...?
Date Posted: 13.43hrs on Mon 28 Mar 11
1. Camera person in motion if its challenging - difficult piste, at speed, or following someone.
2. Filming of skier - they have to be technically good doing somehting interesting, or totally crap.
3. Filming skier who may not be looking technically good, but respect for what thery are skiing
4. Scenerey, but its got to be something out of the ordinary
5. Public information similar to some of Cairngorm You Tube - some are better that others - Alan and other WH information post have been good as well.
6. Rare conditions (so some scenery is good, when its is showing out of the ordinary)

Too much scenerey
boring films of tow shots of conditions

I am not sure if you can sort Cairngorm You Tube by number of hits - what do you think is the one with most views?

I reckon it is one of the snow blower

Finally - keep the clips coming there is usually something in there thats worth a look,

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Re: Home Movies...?
Date Posted: 13.52hrs on Mon 28 Mar 11
Guess the answer depends in part whether you are trying to make an interesting / entertaining video, or one to give the viewer a feel for conditions. Different aims with different requirements.


Re: Home Movies...?
Date Posted: 15.20hrs on Mon 28 Mar 11
I was gonna go for the music.... I've found myself watching a crap video to the end just because I like the music. sad smiley

Re: Home Movies...?
Date Posted: 13.27hrs on Fri 1 Apr 11
A few hints, all pretty obvious

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