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Easiest way to do edges. Advice please...
Date Posted: 08.32hrs on Tue 29 Mar 11

I recently bought some wax, a cheap iron, scraper and scrubber pad to wax my family's skis and seem to be doing ok with it all. Had some nice finishes so far and am pretty pleased with the results. I guess i've already saved quite a bit by doing four sets of skis.

The next logical step will be to try and do the base and side edges. They don't need doing yet (I don't think) but probably will do soon as we mainly ski indoors which I'm told is quite aggressive snow.

I've been looking at various edge tools and would like to know the easiest, cheapest way to do the edges. So far, I'm thinking some kind of plastic edge tool with preset angles and a mini file built in, followed by a diamond file for de-burring then a gummy stone.
Can anyone offer advice on the easiest and cheapest way to do it and feel free to recommend any particular Tools.....


Re: Easiest way to do edges. Advice please...
Date Posted: 21.33hrs on Wed 30 Mar 11
i have metal and plastic guides and id never get the plastic again it wears out and the multi angle tool i have is only good for holiday/quick tune ups no good if you need to sharpen something, i say get the best ones you can afford save buying twice like me, metal edge & base guide and a couple of decent files although the 6 3 pack of diamond files from lidl will last a season smiling smiley tune all your skis to the same edge/base angles save buying multiple guides.
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