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Jet2 Chambery delayed luggage issues 2013
Date Posted: 22.05hrs on Mon 21 Jan 13
On Saturday's Jet2 flight from Chambery to Edinburgh, all ski and snowboards were left behind at Chambery due to "operational reasons". Passengers were informally told that the plane was too heavy to take off with the luggage on board.

And this on a low season flight to the Alps!

This happened frequently last year and appears to be no better this year. Why does Jet2 persist in selling ski carriage on flights where they don't have the weight limit to fulfil the obligation?

Two days later I am currently sans a pair of touring skis, snow 4 inches deep outside my house, and no contact from Jet2. Not happy...

So if you are flying Edinhurgh/Chambery Jet2 this season, get ready for another fun trip, and hope they don't leave them behind on the way out.

Re: Jet2 Chambery delayed luggage issues 2013
Date Posted: 08.12hrs on Tue 22 Jan 13
I'd be annoyed, but at least it was only on the way back. Plus I have a lot of choice in skis sitting in the ski cupboard (3x tele kit; 1x alpine touring kit* 4x xc kit and a set of Rossignol free venture blades).

* and I haven't used the alpine touring kit in years.

Re: Jet2 Chambery delayed luggage issues 2013
Date Posted: 13.05hrs on Tue 22 Jan 13
Probably better than heading into a mountain on the way out of Chambery because of bad weather and they were flying over-weight.

There's a lesson here, Ian...
Make friends with Dave and he'll lend you some of his spare kit!

Re: Jet2 Chambery delayed luggage issues 2013
Date Posted: 17.36hrs on Tue 22 Jan 13
Lol. If it were a one off I'd be less bothered. But they did the same last year with all my luggage.:-(


Re: Jet2 Chambery delayed luggage issues 2013
Date Posted: 20.28hrs on Thu 24 Jan 13
Now re-united with my skis. Will consider hiring next season. May be less hassle.

Re: Jet2 Chambery delayed luggage issues 2013
Date Posted: 10.48hrs on Tue 16 Apr 13


I happened to speak to the horses mouth about this in Meribel a couple of weeks ago...

We were in a cable car with another bloke when said bloke announced out-of-the-blue that he was the MD of Jet2, and did we use his company, adding that he had picked up a Scots accent from my other half, and that Jet2 flew EDI-CMF!

Well, since they left our bags behind in Feb 2012 due to 'operational reasons', and he was trapped on a cable car with me for the next 10 mins, I laid into him verbally!

He admitted that he had heard about CMF issues re luggage, and added that CMF was a difficult airport for them due to fog, and the fact that aircraft can only land/take off in one direction (due to mountains and only one ILS system). I suggested that they run @ lower capacity to ensure that luggage goes on board, and commented that I would be willing to pay a wee bit more to cover the vacant seats (shared among all passengers). I also suggested leaving fat-blokes behind rather than my ski's but was told this was not PC!

I told him that the staff at baggage enquiries at EDI had informed me that they were pished right off with Jet2's abandoned luggage as they had to pick up the pieces and deal with irate customers. One described their phone line as a 'Jet2 Hotline' when I contacted them!

I pointed him to some forum threads about this saying that he might like to google 'avoid Jet2 at all costs' (snowheads/wh), stating that it was not just me. He asked who started said threads, to which I responded 'I did!'. 'Oh...', he said.

We then got onto Aircraft. 'What do you think of our planes' he asked. 'Flying-Sheds in comparison to Easyjet' I responded.

Those 10 mins went quite quickly. Not often you get to have a go at the horses mouth!


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