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Skiing with a fused ankle
Date Posted: 20.47hrs on Thu 14 Feb 13
I had to have my right ankle fused nearly 2 years ago, its been a long slow recovery but I'm nearly there and thinking about skiing again.
The normal skiing postion is to have your knees pushed forward over your toes but my foot and lower leg are now permanently fixed at 90 degrees.

There's a tiny bit of movement in the lower ankle joint (subtalar, it was the tibiotalar that was fused) but nowhere near enough to ski normally.

Given that people ski with alsorts of disabilities I imagine it must be possible to ski but I think I'm going to need some boot or binding modification to lift the heel and tip my knee forwards.

Does anybody have any experience of this, know of anyone who skiis with a fused ankle or know who might do such a modification?

Any advice greatfully received.

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Re: Skiing with a fused ankle
Date Posted: 23.54hrs on Thu 14 Feb 13
Might be worth getting in touch with DSUK to see they can offer any advice.

Re: Skiing with a fused ankle
Date Posted: 00.26hrs on Fri 15 Feb 13
Or post your question at ... []

There's a few over there who might offer opinions on or give 'advice' about anything and everything despite not understanding the question let alone the answer but you might well also get some useful answers from people who do.

There's already a thread about 'ankle fusion' too ...


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Re: Skiing with a fused ankle
Date Posted: 21.11hrs on Fri 15 Feb 13
Thanks for that link. It does appear skiing is at least possible and has some leads to pursue. Cheers.
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