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Date Posted: 09.45hrs on Wed 2 Oct 13

Just wondering whether to buy a cycle computer, a Garmin or similar. My cycling is on road day rides and touring, so I'm not partcularly bothered about measuring performance. Its more the route finding/maps that attract me. The choice, though, is bewildering. Has anyone got any advice?

Re: Garmin?
Date Posted: 22.49hrs on Thu 3 Oct 13
Got a few mates who have the Edge 800 (supports OS base maps) - reasonable range of functions but the screen isnt too clear in direct sun. Not sure about the replacement - Edge 810. The functions of the units are all very cycling focused.

It might be worth looking at something like an Oregon 650 - more of an all round handset. If you suddenly got into performance things like the heart rate monitor can be used with the unit. The advantage is you get an all round gps unit which can be used off the bike. It's definitely cheaper to buy a bundle with GB OS 50thou included than get an unit like the etrex 20 and buy the mapping on an SD card afterwards. Downside of the etrex 20 is the screen size as it's a smaller unit. I've used the gpsmap62 units a lot - really like them but not really suited to cycling.

Another option is to buy memory map and then use an app to put this onto a smart phone. There may be other ways of getting access to OS mapping for smart phones I just happened to have memory map. Less suited to being mounted on a bike though - more take out and check.

If you just want numbers and gps functions my suggestion is an etrex20 or if on a tight budget a 10. If you want mapping go for Oregon 650 bundled with maps.

Re: Garmin?
Date Posted: 15.30hrs on Fri 4 Oct 13
At my age, I won't be getting into performance! Its enough to get up the hills without getting off and walking! Thanks for the advice.I can get discount on Garmins, though, so I will look at the 810 , too.


Re: Garmin?
Date Posted: 07.37hrs on Mon 7 Oct 13
The Garmin Montana 600 is a good sized handheld one to look at too. It is often bundled with maps for the UK as well if you look around. I use it for both hillwalking, skiing and waterbased work.
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