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Vallee Blanche Video from Feb 2013
Date Posted: 17.31hrs on Wed 19 Mar 14
Only just gotten around to editing it. The basic Vallee Blanche route that we did is done more for the scenery than the overall quality of the skiing BTW!! Spectacular place to ski.

The flat sections would be a nightmare on a snowboard. In fact there has been several British boarders (and skiiers) that removed their boards/skis to walk the flat bits, and ended up down a crevasse.

Top section down the ArÍte is entertaining. Glad I had crampons rather than slithering down in ski boots.

We hired a guide (Stuart Macdonald, Avalanche Academy []), since none of us owned Crevasse rescue kit or had practised crevasse rescue. Will do a course when I have time/cash.



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Re: Vallee Blanche Video from Feb 2013
Date Posted: 09.45hrs on Fri 2 Jan 15
The ski in ski out post triggered a memory. I can remember ski in ski out to uplift many years ago. It was in Grantown, ski down wood side avenue to the golf course to 16th t box, then across to the rope tow for a run down to the 18th(I think). Leather boots, cable bindings (un do the last binding clip to get a bit more heel lift) That would of been in the 60's (can't visualise kids these days saying "mum, I'm off for a ski in the woods, or I'm off to the golf course to see if the tow's out.
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