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lowest temp (British Isles)
Date Posted: 14.39hrs on Wed 17 Feb 16
The lowest recorded temperatures in the British Isles is -27 C;

These were recorded at low elevations, Braemar and Altnaharra.

Is it expected that lower temperatures have occurred at higher elevations; but due to scientific reasons (i.e. nature of the recordings), are not ratified as official?

There is a negative temperature gradient with elevation, about 1C every few hundred metres; but there is also the frost hollow effect wherein cold air sinks into valleys.

If so, what do people think is the likely lowest temp in the British Isles (in recent history - I can assume the Little Ice Age was frigid).

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Re: lowest temp (British Isles)
Date Posted: 21.08hrs on Fri 19 Feb 16
Getting into double digit's below 0°c is rare at Munro Level. I believe that the fact the record of -27.2°c has been recorded on three separate occasions at two locations over a century (Braemar February 1895 and January 1982, Altnahara December 1995) is down to that being the limit of the thermometers in use at least on the first 2 occasions.

Colder temperatures have likely occurred but not been recorded in Northern Scotland over that time period, somewhere surrounded by high mountains but at lower elevation, perhaps a spot like Inchrory or further up Glen A'an might be a prime candidate?

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Re: lowest temp (British Isles)
Date Posted: 20.48hrs on Sat 17 Mar 18
I used to have an edition of the Guinness Book of Records before it became full of meaningless records. It noted a non-standard exposure had recorded a temperature below -30c in Blackadder. Does anyone know anything about this?
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