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Central Euro Time?
Date Posted: 22.02hrs on Sun 28 Mar 04
Should the UK make the switch to Central Euro Time? An hour longer in bed b4 the lifts open in mid-winter (less the open an hour and half b4 sunrise!)! lol! If so why, if not why?


Re: Central Euro Time?
Date Posted: 00.04hrs on Wed 7 Apr 04
I fail to see the point of manipulating time-zones to give "an extra hour in bed". The easy solution to get an extra hour in bed, is to go to bed an hour earlier..

Although, if we were at UTC+1 all year round, it'd avoid what happened last week when the clocks went forward. Went to bed at midnight, got up at 6am... All of 5 hours later sad smiley

At least I wasn't too tired at the end of the day, since Nevis Range was closed due to wind... That wasn't a good day. (Even worse than the day where the mini I was getting a lift to Glencoe in broke down just before Crianlarich(sp?), at least we got there by lunch time -- and it was open, if a bit wild at the top).


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Re: Central Euro Time?
Date Posted: 09.53hrs on Thu 8 Apr 04
A few years ago some friends and I went ski-ing in Canada, we decided to change our watches to somewhere between UK time and BC time which meant we were getting up at 9 and hitting the lifts at 10 (rather than 7am and 8am respectively), ski-ing till 6 (much more respectable time for a drinking session than 4pm - like we needed the excuse!) and going to bed about 11.
Although we did manage to miss the bells at New Year, 3 times and there were some nearly disastrous consequences when catching the plane home....

Anyway the point is, why be constrained by the official time when you can make up your own!

smiling smiley))
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