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Redirected to
Date Posted: 12.13hrs on Thu 6 May 04

Today when i tried to go to [] I ended up at []!

Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else? It's not as if i typed in [] incorrectly as i just selected it from my browser history, as i always do. I have since tried it many times but it works fine and goes to winterhighland!

The only thing i could think of was perhaps one of the google ads had some clever hack in it which managed to re-direct the page, but i don't know if that's possible. Then again, if i look in my browser history, it has gone straight to [] - not to [] first so that can't be the case.

I have heard of people managing to change websites DNS records in the past to take over URLs but don't know much about it.

Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 12.59hrs on Thu 6 May 04
i blame it on Geroge bush wanting to take over because we are a "menace" to world peace! He see's us as a threat. lol

Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 14.46hrs on Thu 6 May 04
George W. is desperate for every vote he can get - his campaign team probably think the UK is just another US state. winking smiley Could just imagine them saying - “Lets get that Winterhighland vote out people” smiling smiley


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Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 17.07hrs on Tue 11 May 04
How Bizarre!
Talking of strange computer happenings related to Dubya...
Did anyone else read about the classic campaign cock up Bush and Cheney, or presumably their advisors, made?

Apparently, someone suggested they should make available some photos of Bush and Cheney which people could add their own words to and get printed out as posters.

Which they duly added to their website - assuming that the good folk of America would print out something positive about voting for them.
However they forgot one crucial fact - the internet is open to everyone.

And they didn't restrict access to the images at all...

Any guesses about what happened next?
winking smiley

Jim W

Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 23.22hrs on Tue 11 May 04
Hey, if you guys want a laugh, go to, and type in the phrase weapons of mass destruction into the search box. Go to the very first entry that comes up - its a hoot!

And just in case it doesnt work, type in the URL:




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Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 11.27hrs on Wed 12 May 04
Try this one:


Class!! :p

Jim W

Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 15.45hrs on Wed 12 May 04
Alan, brilliant!

Have you had a look at ?

The likeness is uncanny....

smiling smiley


Re: Redirected to
Date Posted: 14.14hrs on Wed 13 Oct 04

it happened to me again and i've figured it out this time - nothing clever going on - just me being stupid - either that or a bug in firefox.

normally i open a new tab, press 'w' to show all w* items from my history, press down to select from my history, and press enter to go to it.

but if i don't press down then it just does a google "i'm feeling lucky' search for 'w' which happens to go to [].

i'm sure you'll all sleep better now!
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