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Ski servicing
Date Posted: 16.14hrs on Sun 5 Mar 06
Can anyone give me advice on waxing/servicing my skis. I have my own pair which I take to the alps and on my return they go to the ski doctor and I get them back a week later. I was in Italy last month and on my return had them 'fixed' for a year in storage.

I've never taken my own skis on the slopes here before but the thought of queueing at Glenshee for skis made me take my own pair yesterday. The question is should I get them waxed or repaired or whatever they do at the ski servicing place after one day's use at Glenshee? There are a few little scratches but nothing major. Looking at the weather for the next week they may see another day or two use. So if they may get a couple of more days use should I just leave them as they are, use them when required and then get them serviced once the snow melts? Or should I get someone to re-wax them?


Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 08.02hrs on Mon 6 Mar 06
If you are keen you can wax them everytime you use them, if not, then as often as you want to is fine, about once every five days is probably fine, any more than that and the bases can get a bit dry.

Try and find an old flat iron with no steam holes which you can use to wax you own skis, probably better not using the good one in the house, any old one is fine, but one without holes is better.

Get some wax remover, aresol spary, and spary on to remove old wax and heather residue from the bases and remove with a cloth/kitchen roll.

Then put pointy bit face down and dribble the melted wax onto the bases, the use the flat bit to melt the dribbles into the bases, make sure you keep the iron moving otherwise you will blister the base.

Leave for a while to cool off, then scrape the excess off with plastic scraper, for long term storage use a bit more wax and don't scrape off until needed.

Scratches can be fixed with P Tex sticks, light the ends with a candle and they starts to drip molted ski base, drip them into the holes on the base, leave to harden and scrape off the excess with metal scraper or file

Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 21.14hrs on Mon 6 Mar 06
Thanks for the advice - waxing sounds very messy and complicated, plus I don't have an old iron!

I found this ski wax guide on the Toko website:


I might try and repair the scratches with the candle. Otherwise I will get the waxing done at Tiso or Hillend once the best of the snow has gone.


Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 13.39hrs on Fri 10 Mar 06
Servicing is a combination of base and bindings. For general 1-2 days rockhopping at Glenshee, the most you'll probably need is a wee bit of P-tex & a general wax at the end of season.

As with any maintenance, it's fairly simple to do providing you've got the equipment and you've been shown what to do.

Bazza is correct with the procedure, however I'll just add something obvious which most folk forget: make sure both skis are dry. Both for waxing & end-of -season the edges will rust if you store them clipped together. Edges are really simple to do with a fixed angle file that Toko make. The only parting advice I'll give is that you must ensure that your bindings get checked at least once a year;-again a simple thing to do once you know what you're looking for.

I've been a tech for the past decade in Braemar but now live in Edinburgh, so feel free to get in touch if ye want to know more.

Cheers now, Rob.

Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 21.05hrs on Sun 12 Mar 06

When we are away skiing we usually put on a coat of speedwax each day (think shoe polish applicator with wax, see the toko site again or search for 'data wax' on ebay). This really helps to keep the base running fine for a week in Europe and should be perfect for a few days use over here.

I've been waxing our kit for the past few years, and it's realatively easy to do a pretty good job, maybe not race finish but I don't want to go that fast!

Here's hoping the visibility clears for Glenshee tomorrow....

Andrew Bond


Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 20.38hrs on Tue 21 Mar 06
Thanks for all your advice.

As I mentioned I don't want to do anything messy in the flat. So I'll continue taking them to Hillend for servicing every now and again!

Otherwise, I do have the 'shoe polish' Toko wax.

Hopefully I won't need to get them serviced until May time and they will see some more weekends of snow soon!

Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 13.12hrs on Wed 22 Mar 06
Also handy to know - I heard from a guy in a ski servicing shop that the plastic in P-Tex is the same plastic used to hold together multi packs of beers.

Also provides you with a good excuse to tell the missus!

Re: Ski servicing
Date Posted: 16.09hrs on Fri 31 Mar 06
Wow - is that thing about the beer ties really true?

If you're doing your own P-Texing, be sure to keep the flame on the PTex small and blue (by holding it close to a metal scaper), rather than letting it get big and smoky-yellow. Smoky-yellow flame screws up the plastic so it won't adhere to your base properly.

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