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Aspiring Ski Bum!!
Date Posted: 14.46hrs on Thu 4 Jan 07
I'm really keen to get to New Zealand this year for a season at the smaller club fields, then hopefully stay on for a year, with a travelling/working visa. Anyone done this before?

Anyone ever converted a van into habitable accommodation?
I have been thinking about getting a cheapish ford transit or similar van and adding a few bits to make it a bit more comfortable. Thinking about some kind of bed, small fridge, cooker and/or a wood burning stove (provide heat warmth as well), water/sink and maybe a shower, lights, storage for all the gear.
Then heading to the Europe for a cheap as possible season, at some point in the future!!

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?

Is there a winterhighland of NewZealand? (found [] is this a work in progress alan?)

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Re: Aspiring Ski Bum!!
Date Posted: 18.57hrs on Fri 5 Jan 07
love yer style!!!!

old vans are a scoosh tae sort oot,,, ye could get a sink+water storage,second hand fae someone that makes ice-cream vans, they are small though, but space is at a premium in vans...

Make sure ye insulate the thing first, it'll keep ye alive n save on fuel costs, use rockwool n plywood tae cover/panel inside of van after ye insulate it(probaly marine ply for the floor,and any other places moisture will gather,, plus ye will more than likely need some sort a vent/s in there, i'm not saying ye smell, but after a week or two the van will, and stuff will start tae rot wi the moisture inside(get these fae the ice cram ven place, or go and rip one aff a police van, al give ye a hand,lol..

A widnae put a burning stove in a van!!

Re: Aspiring Ski Bum!!
Date Posted: 17.56hrs on Sun 7 Jan 07
Nice one Growwild.
I've always been keen on the idea of sorting out a standard van, because the prices you pay for these camper vans is crazy, plus I probably don't need half the gear they put in them.


Re: Aspiring Ski Bum!!
Date Posted: 12.25hrs on Mon 8 Jan 07
Yer right bud,

Most a' the gear in them ye wulnae need.. The expence on them is all in the fitting of the gear, so if ye dae it yerself u can save a fortune... Ma mate bought a plain Mazda Bongo 4x4(pop uf roof) for 2500 fae liverpool trade auctions last year, the same one fitted wi beds-storage etc would have cost at least 5500+.. Pretty sure he spent no more than a grand on it, done a couple a tours of Scotland then sold it, dunno how much for but I think he done awright...
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