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PHP Question
Date Posted: 12.57hrs on Sun 28 Jan 07
Lol I don't know if i should post this on this forum but I can't find out how to do it anywhere so maby somebody here knows tongue sticking out smiley Anybody know how to do image verification in php for a user system?


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Re: PHP Question
Date Posted: 23.05hrs on Sun 28 Jan 07
My question would be why would you want to? To avoid image recognition software sites are using ever more messed up characters in such image verification - something which is increasingly causing problems for people who are colour blind or have less than perfect eye sight.

A fairly basic system (in terms of the graphics generated) would not be overly difficult (but would require careful planning) if you have access to a MySQL database to store the details of the characters in the image, and the GD2 php graphics module to write the characters to the image.

Alternatively you could have a set of pre-defined images, say a cat, a dog and a fish. Then ask the user to type in or select from a pull down menu the type of animal displayed. This option is less of a problem in terms of restricting accessibility of the website.
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