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Use of the Forums
Date Posted: 16.52hrs on Thu 22 Feb 07
I have been reading these forums for 2-3 years and registed as a user 18 months ago (I think). Until 12 months ago there was very little personal abuse or using of F word (once in a while maybe, but not aimed at a person).
While I have been typing this the “Nevis Snow” thread has been removed for moderation again and a few days ago the Back Corries tread was removed entirely!
What is the best way forward?


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Re: Use of the Forums
Date Posted: 17.13hrs on Thu 22 Feb 07
The Nevis Range thread wasn't removed for moderation, all that happened was that I had to delete the last 10 (or so) messages as they were straying off topic and into personal abuse. So the 'last post' date changed, so the thread moved down the list.

But you're right, it is going downhill. A year ago, there was basically never any need for any moderation at all. And yes, generally it does tend to be the Nevis Range threads that are affected. Quite a coincidence that the forums most prolific posters also hail as being Nevis Range regulars. Is there a connection? Never! winking smiley

Re: Use of the Forums
Date Posted: 18.28hrs on Thu 22 Feb 07
well, if you remember when you were a teenager, you behaved in a way that adults didn't like! (I did - and still do a lot of the time!)

but we were "moderated" (kicked up the arse).
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