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Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 14.23hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
Whilst not related to snowsports please heed this as a warning whilst walking/camping...

Last night I was camping off a lay-by in Glen Shiel near the 5 sisters. Around midnight I was woken up be the sound of breaking glass - some git was breaking into my car whilst his friend(s?) were waiting in their car.

What to do? Camping alone - make a noise/confront them. Unlkiely to work as you stand a good chance of getting a kicking (or stabbed these days) so I tried to put on my shoes and sneak up quietly to get their number plate. My tent was 150-200 metres from my can so do not think they knew I was there.
I was too slow and the thieving bas*!rds took off.

I called the police in case there happened to be a patrol car in the area but was asked to go to the nearest station to give a statement - where was the station... Inverness - a 90 minute drive away., Not much of a deterrent to that sort of scum.

All in all the window/door is insured (100 excess) but they also took walking boots + superfeet insoles, oakley shades, cd's among other things. The really worrying thing is that nothing was on show so were these people cruising around looking for something to do?

I can't think of any lesson to be learned by that as my car was secure (until they hurled a large rock through the window) and was not advertising anything of value.

Do take care when leaving your cars overnight - I will certainly think twice about 'wild' camping instead of using a campsite in future.


Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 16.40hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
That's a disgrace. Things used to be safer out of town.

Even having the Plate No. is no guarantee of success with Her Majesty's Constabulary. - I was rammed by "9 ELY" in Essex a few years ago, this vehicle is owned by a Mr. Snelling who drove out of his own driveway at night before chasing me down & ramming the car I was in with my wife, for no apparent cause. - He drove away, without checking if he'd hurt anybody.

You'd think a personalised plate, plus having driven it off his own driveway, would be enough..? - No! the gent denied it was him, and without having a witness see his actual face behind the wheel, resulted in no conviction.

He refused to disclose who "had borrowed his 4x4". - No conviction.

Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 18.42hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
Tut tut...

The pigs are fecking useless twats anyway, even if there was a car in the area they widnae a bothered....

I hope ya come across them one day, there is nothing better than hearing a car-thief screaming!!

That sounds dodgy HTH, did he actualy mean tae ram ya? I hope ya torched the fookers car..


Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 19.14hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
GW, that was the daft thing, he pulled out of his own driveway to do we "knew where he lived". winking smiley

Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 19.15hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
Not that it is of any use to you but there was a car left abandoned in a layby in Glenshiel a couple of years ago and it was 3 months before anyone smashed the windows trashed it etc... and another 3 months before it was removed.

Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 19.36hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
Nice one, revenge is sweet. lol..

What is the crime situation up north anyhow.. Is it bad?


Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 19.48hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
That's awful Bansko. You tend to think that out of town in the Highlands you're safe.

In defence of the Inverness cops, about four years ago I was cycling back through town about 11pm in the summer and as I passed a bunch of guys one of them jumped out and hit me. I managed to keep going and stopped about 1/4 mile on, phoned hubby, who phoned the police who phoned me back, took a description and 15 mins later had them in a police van beside me wanting to know if I would identify them.

One had a distinctive jumper on and they'd just happened to come into view of a CCTV camera as I was describing them.

It would be lovely to think that those thieves would get caught but justice doesn't happen very often. I was lucky.

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Re: Thieving Bas*!rds
Date Posted: 22.47hrs on Mon 30 Apr 07
Always keep an ice axe in your tent winking smiley
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