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Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 23.43hrs on Wed 14 Jan 09
I was wondering if anyone knows any website with good quality free ski or board vids on them. I think trying to get a wee list goin might manage to ease the boredum of us out west as we wait for our season to start, honestly it feels like a different country sometimes!

Anyway way heres a start try: []
All short clips but there is some seriously amazing stuff on here, let me know if you like it!


Re: Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 12.42hrs on Thu 15 Jan 09
Hi Jamie,

Thanks for sharing your link.

Here is according to me one of the best sites for free-style skiing videos. I hope you'll like it.


Greetings from the Alps,


Re: Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 12.53hrs on Sun 18 Jan 09
try these sites,

[] for last years downloaded video from stepchild or [] for the video Ponytale which features mostly Finnish riders who are shit hot, there is also an ipod download as well for both movies, good for watching on your travels. Also Special Blends First Chair Last Call []

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Re: Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 17.40hrs on Thu 22 Jan 09
I think I've seen all of this years ski films.

Level 1 Productions - TURBO
Awesome as always with a great selection of riders

Some corny acting but epic skiing, bit more balanced between bc and urban

MSP continue last years success in my opinion. A bit long but good overall

4bi9 - SLAMINA
Great riding/filming and beats from a great amature movie. Fewer big names but a good standard of skiing nonetheless. Mostly park/urban

Poorboyz Productions - REASONS
Johnny D back in the editing chair means this years film was much better than the last few. Every rider you can think of, great skiing and locations.

I can't remember what else I've seen this year but thats enough to choose from! Ellis Brigham sell most of them I think.

I also saw Travis Rices new film which was pretty epic!

Check and for news and more reviews.


Re: Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 00.01hrs on Fri 23 Jan 09
If you didn't want to pay any money you could look here: [] winking smiley


Re: Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 09.20hrs on Fri 23 Jan 09
Shabby, I download alot so I don't want to sound hypocritical but I'd say buy them if you can. Ski and snowboard films have zero cash so all supports needed! I'd be surprised if the new films are available as torrents anyway. I'll get down off my high horse now!


Re: Ski/ board videos!
Date Posted: 07.56hrs on Mon 12 Feb 18
Thanks for the information

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