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Cairngorm on BBC Breakfast
Posted by: PipSki82 who has made 30 posts. (IP Logged)
Date: 07.29hrs on Fri 12 Jan 07

Just watched an an artical about Cairngorm on BBC1's breakfast programme... just the usual, poor snow and how they need to adapt to stay afloat etc... but there's a competition to win a trip to the Artic... details on the webiste (only 13-17yo's tho, so that me out!)


Re: Cairngorm on BBC Breakfast
Posted by: Jim who has made 320 posts. (IP Logged)
Date: 08.25hrs on Fri 12 Jan 07

I notice in the BBC web page it describes Svalbard as "just off" the coast of Norway? Eh? It's a bit fuerther than "just off"...

Re: Cairngorm on BBC Breakfast
Posted by: alan who has made 10747 posts. (IP Logged)
Date: 12.18hrs on Fri 12 Jan 07

Hmmm blizzards, snowy mountain... so not all bad then. Think that people will notice is that there was snow, in this the supposed year without a winter if you believe some of the weather sites or more Alpine focused ski forums!

Re: Cairngorm on BBC Breakfast
Posted by: Snowweasel who has made 395 posts. (IP Logged)
Date: 17.29hrs on Fri 12 Jan 07

There's plenty of skiers/boarders in the Beeb. I posted a thread on the Gateway (BBC internal) site about Scottish Skiing recently and there was a lot of interest. But we are a big organisation and different departments don't necessarily talk to each other. I'd be more worried ,from Scottish Snow Sports point of view, if BBC Breakfast WASN'T doing this sort of story. At least Cairngorm is still on the radar. Just wait till the next big dump: all the Sat Trucks will be there and News 24 will be linking from the Ptarmigan.

Re: Cairngorm on BBC Breakfast
Posted by: flugeryl who has made 2307 posts. (IP Logged)
Date: 19.00hrs on Fri 12 Jan 07

bbc news 24 will be linked to the ptarmigan

better get a better web cam then

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